Sorcha Augustine | A Letter to My Clients with Love

A Letter to My Clients with Love -


I am a professional dance photographer. 

That means that I can eat only after I sell my photographs of dancers. This is difficult to accomplish in the digital age, when images are being thrown around so easily on social media and years of developed skills are taken for granted with a screen shot or the click of an iPhone.

Please respect my craft. 


Although you may be enjoying an image of your child in a perfect moment, it has taken me over a decade of practice to capture it, as well as thousands of dollars to create and update the perfect system with my hardware, software, and camera, so that you can enjoy your images quickly and affordably.

When you purchase my work, you are purchasing a piece of my journey, including a background in dance, an A-class education, apprenticeships with seasoned dance photographers, and my own natural talents. 

You are purchasing something you will look back on for years, after the show is over, the costumes have been sold in a garage sale, and the memories have faded. You are purchasing a document that will last for generations.


Please respect my life’s work so that I can continue to nurture it and serve you in my growth.


Respectfully and with Love,