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Welcome to Sorcha's Circle: a little online journal I've started to collect information, observations and lessons from my own life, in hopes that it might help others along their journey. Here's a little background in case you're interested: 

My spiritual journey began in a fundamentalist protestant tradition, but I was continuously introduced to other religions and practices through my open-minded parents. I left my protestant tradition when I was 19 with an interest in Buddhism, trusting that God was leading me to the path that I was meant to find. I immersed myself in several things, never in anger or fear, but always in trust, knowing that the Divine was ever watchful.  

In 2013, I was introduced softly and slowly to earth practices when I had the opportunity to live on a Native American sacred site for a year in Kansas City. It opened up my world to what I was searching for and I decided to reach out to my own spiritual heritage in Celtic paganism as a guide to connecting with Nature and my divinity. As I began to explore my truth, my life started to go through some painful transitions, including the loss of some precious relationships in my life. I became painfully sad, nearly to the point of suicide. 

Then something wonderful happened. I was given a chance to reclaim myself through a spiritual retreat recommended to me by a friend. I spend 3 days doing extreme forgiveness work and lifting my own veil, accepting myself wholly and truly for who I was and trusting my journey guided by my higher power. From there I dove into regular Neopagan rituals, manifesting strategies, and let my intuition rule my thinking, dissolving my sadness and finding a little more peace each day. I realized how incredibly important it was to be authentic and courageously open about my spirituality. 

Since then, my life has transitioned in massive ways. Complete strangers give me compliments on the exact affirmations I tell myself. Friends that have been separated from me have suddenly told me that I am glowing. And friends that have found themselves in trial are reaching out to me telling me that I didn't realize what love and hope I was spreading to them. I am somehow always provided with what I need and beautiful, amazing people have showed up to guide my path in healing. On the Summer Solstice a friend from my previous Christian circle meekly wrote to me asking for guidance because they felt called to the same path.  

Whatever I am doing is craving to be bigger. Coming into my neopagan birthday, I decided to organize my spiritual journey this year into a more concrete presentation, in hopes for expanding and spreading whatever needs to be said. This year I'm crafting a periodical that will be released 20 times this year, starting Yule 2016. 

I'll be exploring everything from ancient stories and symbols to ritual and tribal practices. I also intend to give paganism a clean slate and pull if out of the murky waters of which its been presented in for centuries due to the rejection of the feminine and patriarchal traditions. 

Sorcha's Circle is a step towards "bigger" in hopes that those who are searching for something along a similar path will find it here and that the feminine presence on our sacred planet will heal.


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