Sorcha Augustine | Observing Capricorns (and other Earth signs)

Observing Capricorns (and other Earth signs)

January 13, 2017  •  2 Comments


Illustration from Joanna Marine Woolfolk's book: Capricorn: Sun Sign Series, paired up with a little abundance prayer pouch of my mine from Korea.



Although I’m very new to astrology, I’ve always looked for patterns in people. Being a quintessential Virgo myself, I often recognize the rigid exterior of earth zodiacs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and often find myself gravitating toward a different element for balance. Very few Earth people have entered my life, but the ones that do, always arrive at the right time and always shake me to the core, perhaps because their inner critic seems to have a conversation with mine. Their gentle exterior never reflects their sensitive interior and they seem to prize beauty and intelligence above all else. 


Earth signs tend to suffer in silence and concentrate on abundance and provision rather than their emotions. They are notorious for moving slowly through everything, which can drive non-Earth signs crazy. Still, this striving perfectionism often puts them in great position within their career life, even though their romances tend to be a little off-putting. Other-elemental signs have expressed to me their earthy romances seemed boring, business rigid, or they felt like their earth partner was just looking for flaws all the time. From the perspective of the earth partner, they are trying their best to show their love by creating a stable, abundant environment for the two of them to have a deliciously safe love fest, full of beauty, and great potential. The Capricorn is perhaps the strongest zodiac in the “rigid exterior, sensitive interior” department. It is terribly difficult to know when they are actually going through something emotional. I’ve known very few of them, but the ones I’ve known, I have so intimately. I even had the opportunity to date one for two years, despite my routine Water romance life.  


In nearly everything I read about them, Capricorns are supposed to be the best leaders, CEOs, and all around greatest business people. It seems to me that there is in fact something superior about them, but their need to be perfect often slows their accomplishments. I often get from them that they are always striving to be the best, but are often so afraid to make a mistake, (just like us Virgos). They really struggle moving through something that is out of their comfort zone. If they find something they are good at, they will never "half-ass" it and will usually stick with it for a very long time if not forever. 


I’ve never known a Capricorn that wasn’t deliciously good at socializing and making people smile or laugh, yet they seem to crave being on their own and often burn out on interactions quickly. This is a little different from the shy nature of the Taurus and Virgo, who probably use twice as much energy to be social. Often called the “Father Time” of the zodiac, and springing from the cold earth, they are quite concerned with responsibility, appearing wise, and taking their time, similar to the Taurus. 


There is a great amount of self-respect with the Capricorn. They will bend and bend, and bend, in service, but never break themselves for someone else’s attention. They feel superior in the way Scorpios do. You have to earn their trust, their attention, and their love. They are always calculating their risk in whatever relationship they are in, which makes them appear aloof. They know their royal place and they don’t waste it. I’ve known Virgos to go out of their way to maintain relationships, including myself, and known the Taurus to maintain relationships even though they are holding a grudge, but I don’t see this with Capricorns. They pretty much “know their worth” and they expect you to “know it” too. And if you don’t, they are happy to discard you, but not without a broken heart. Those sensitive earth signs...   


I hope your journey into the new cycle has been a good one so far. Our next letter will hint on the early energies of Spring and the gracious Water Carrier.

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