Frequently Asked Questions About Dynamic Muse


1 - Why aren’t your dancers/models fully nude? 
     Because many of our dancers work for companies in their current vocation, the protection of their public image is vital to their contracts with those companies. We decided it was best across the board to give our models some coverage for this reason and focus primarily on the dynamics of rotated poses as our special gift to artists.



2 - Can I use reference for Dynamic Muse for a paid commission?
    Yes! Absolutely! If possible we would love for you to share your work with us on Instagram so we can celebrate with you and share to our following. 



3 - I have an idea for a piece, can I commission special photography reference? 
    Yes. We take customized commissions. Quotes are given according to the model available, costume needed and exclusivity of reference (ie. whether or not you want it to be private for you or available to Dynamic Muse’s data base). Write to Sorcha about your project.



4 - There are a lot of sites like yours out there, including animated model sites. What makes your images worth my hard earned artist cash? 
    Dynamic Muse focuses on providing an archive of true human proportions which only nature can uniquely and organically provide, unlike some of the animated model sites out there. Our dancers create poses that are suspended in motion (and for rotations, repeated up to 12 times) unlike many figure reference sites which focus on resting poses that you would normally see for study. If you are looking for something with a lot of action, we are a great site to explore. Our pool of art models is also diverse, many having a background in theatre performance. 



5 - I'm a figure instructor with a college. Do you offer any discounts for education? 
    Yep! Just email Sorcha with your school name and some proof of employment either by ID, website, or otherwise and she will give you the scoop on how you can get educational discounts for your presentations and your students.



6 - How do I purchase images from your website? 
    It is highly recommended you make your order from a desktop computer. When you open a desired gallery for purchase, you will see a "quick shop" on the right side of the page.

If buying a package, just click the package option in the right column. Your order will be automatically populated with the images from the set you are buying, with one image as an indicator, so you can reference it in your cart later. Click preview and then add to cart. All set!

If you are buying single images, you'll be able to use the "select" button at the top of the page to select which images you want to add to your cart individually. Let us know if you have any further questions. 

For more questions, contact Sorcha! 


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