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Dynamic Muse is an archive of gesture reference photography for artists. We primarily focus on professional dancers as models to create a diverse selection of poses which would not be able to be held for regular live sessions. Each dancer brings their own flavor to the archive and work with our photographer to create poses that are authentic to their own body type. Even though our focus is on dancers, we have also started to include traditional models and stage performers to celebrate a diversity of expressive gesture. 


In the gallery you will have the option to choose from either rotational poses or gesture poses. Rotations are one pose that our model repeats 8-12 times so that 3D artists can use these suspended, beautiful dynamic poses for sculpture reference. Gesture poses focus on harder light, anatomy reference and gestures that might be preferred by illustrators, painters or artists working in quick sketch. 


We hope that these dynamic poses give you a little extra magic and inspiration for your next big project, or even just a beautiful doodle in your sketchbook. Tag us on Instagram and join our Facebook Community and share the work you create from our reference. We’d love to see your interpretation of our models!



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