Web Lighting Consultation Service 



Looking your best over your webcam might be harder than you expected. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ll even tell you exactly what equipment to get for your space. Sessions are quick and to the point, because, let’s face it, you’re busy.

This service is great for anyone who is: 

* In daily meetings as a teacher, life coach, or other online professional 
* Going to job interviews over webcam
* Is teaching class from their home yoga or dance studio
* Wanting to look professional online for work 

How It Works 

First Session: 

1. We book a session together to analyze your space and talk through what your room set up looks like. I will suggest the proper equipment to buy for your space and send over a few links with different price points to choose from for your specific lighting problem. (15-30 minutes)

Second Session: 

2. After your lighting equipment arrives and you’ve installed it, we will do a quick check in to make sure everything looks right. We will make any other minor adjustments to your room like eliminating background distractions that may have been missed. (10-15 minutes)

To book your session, write an email to: [email protected] 
Include “Light Me” in the subject line.