I’m a photographer who is in love with the stage. The feeling that we take in, through live performance, is pure raw connection. It helps us create unity in our communities and see the world with fresh eyes. 


As a stage photographer, I love making images that are electric and awake; the way I see them unfold in my lens. I feel a deep need to fully witness and document the energy of dancers and performers. The process feels like a flow, with them, in between waiting for the right moments. 


When I’m working in my studio, in Sarasota, my heart is full with service. I love celebrating the people I photograph. Knowing how hard artists are on themselves, I get excited when they see their own beauty and skill through my images. The photos we make together often become charming collaborations. 


If you live in Sarasota, you may have seen my photographs published on the front page of the Arts section for the Herald Tribune, Sarasota Observer or on the cover of SRQ Magazine.  You may have seen my promotional and stage photography for companies like Sarasota Contemporary Dance, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe or Anne Morrison’s Sarasolo. 

More fun facts: 


* I was the first woman in world history to hold an official photographer’s badge at the Blackpool Dance Festival in England, the world’s oldest ballroom competition.


* I spent the first part of my life in and out of formal ballet classes, swing and salsa lessons, watching live theatre, performing at any chance I got, and choreographing for competitive dance groups. 


* I am an internationally published figure model. My work as a model helps me communicate poses to dancers I work with in studio. 


* If we are on set together, there is probably a cup of black coffee somewhere. 


* My current big dream is to own a mid century modern house and throw beautiful parties there with friends.


I love the magic that occurs between the lens and the people I photograph on stage or in my studio. Whether you’re a dancer, stage performer or artist, I know you’ve worked so hard to get where you are. Let’s make photographs that showcase your courage and creativity.