The Free-Form-Flow Session

In this photo session, I will photograph you in your own undirected authentic improv. In this way, these sessions become like small and private solo performances. I will be your witness, your audience, and your biggest fan as I photograph you. 

Who is it for?

  • Professional dancers
  • Choreographers
  • Improv dancers 
  • Pre-pro dancers entering the performance field
  • Any dancer who wants to document their own movement 

Session pricing includes:

  • Consultation to talk about your dream session
  • Booking and session fee: $100 
  • 30 minute improv session undirected to show your authentic movement
  • Reveal session to explore 60 of your best gestures in print and create a custom package to take home in a Talisman box. You’ll also receive the matching digital file for everything you purchase, so you can use these images for your own personal branding if desired.
  • Photo packages that start at $215
  • Single photographs that start at $60 


 Check out Rachel’s Reveal experience here.

The Talisman Box:

The Talisman Box is a beautiful handmade linen covered box, made to hold your favorite photographs. It comes in 3 different styles. 


For more information on this package, click here.