The Heirloom Portrait

These photographs will last a lifetime and become a legacy for your family and fans. Take some time to celebrate yourself, your artistry, and every dream that got you here.

This package is for: 

- Artists and performers who are looking for formal portraiture
- Families who wants to celebrate a milestone in their life through photography


How it works:

1. Consultation: A meeting over Zoom at the perfect time for you takes away the stress of preparation. We get to talk through how you want to be seen, prepare outfit/clothing ideas, and talk through different looks. We also book the day of your session during this consultation. 

2. Photo Session: We will go through 3-5 looks, specifically designed to describe the way you want to be seen. A makeup and hair stylist can be added to any session for an extra fee. However, I find that most artists are either makeup savvy or interested in seeing themselves in the most natural way possible. Photo sessions last 3-4 hours. 

3. The Reveal Session: During your reveal experience, you’ll get to explore your images fully finished and matted in print on a wall in my studio. Many people find this process emotionally moving. From here we get to design the perfect package for you and choose your Heirloom Folio Box. Your photographs are ready to go home with you as soon as you lay eyes on them. 



Booking/Session Fee: $100 
Hair/Makeup Artist (optional): $200

Photographs: Starting at $250 
Photo Packages: Starting at $1200


The Heirloom Folio Box 

The Heirloom Box is created to last, as something you can pass down as a legacy to your family and fans. 


Box: Handmade, linen covered, with a modern or traditional design with a selection of colors and fabric styles.

Prints: Made to last without color shift for at least 100+ years when properly cared for.

Mats: Crafted from sustainably sourced timber with virgin tree pulp and alkaline buffed for longevity. 



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